Reviews and Reader Comments

THE DOGS OF POMPEII has been enjoyed by readers of all ages ranging from 10 to 83. And that's not counting even younger fans whose parents have read the book to them!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - AND FUN! Nero is a dog who lives in Pompeii where he likes to watch classic movies, eat pasta and hang out in the Grand Palaestra. Caroline is visiting from the USA, assisting her archaeologist uncle. Big money and corruption threaten the dig. Guess who must uncover the murderous plans of Signor Macchiato and his henchmen and save the Villa Deidamia and all the dogs in Pompeii from destruction? Using Caroline's journal and Nero's memoirs the story unfolds, gaining in pace and excitement as Caroline gets kidnapped and Nero saves her. Mark Johnson, The Bookshop Newsletter

AN ACTION PACKED ADVENTURE. The choice of narration is unique - the book alternates between the journal of Caroline, a young American girl visiting her archeologist uncle in Pompeii, and the memoirs of Nero, one of the local dogs. The two soon team up and with the help of a local Italian boy, Gianni, set out to save Caroline's uncle's dig from impending closure, and the dogs of Pompeii from some pretty nasty dog-catchers. I think kids will particularly enjoy looking at life from a dog's perspective; Nero cracks jokes, is frequently exasperated by his human allies, and has a knack for getting himself into trouble. The story is set against the backdrop of an archeological dig in Pompeii with an excursion to the Amalfi Coast - the perfect setting for a Vespa chase scene. The glossary of Italian terms at the end, with a guide to pronunciation, are a nice addition. Andrea Hanke, Australian Bookseller

THIS COMPELLING ADVENTURE, SET AROUND THE RUINS OF POMPEII, ABOUNDS IN EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT ACTION. Unscrupulous developers are determined not to let anything get in the way of their plans to build a resort over the ancient ruins of Pompeii - not the work of the archaeologists nor the 'Dogs of Pompeii'. Caroline, the niece of the dig's supervising professor, shares the story with an endearing stray dog, Nero (who cites Humphrey Bogart as a role model). While each character independently observes the interaction of the unscrupulous developers with their environment, they are drawn together by a common cause - to stop the destruction of Pompeii's heritage. Further adventures of Caroline and Nero are promised. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Queensland Government, New curriculum titles as at 23 October 2006

For those who have ever wondered what and how dogs think, here's a story to answer your questions. And you can laugh your way through the knowledge with this entertaining book. FOUR STARS Good Reading Magazine, August 2006

It was a really good book and I am looking forward to the sequel Nero Goes to Rome. Laura Bantanics, age 10, Illawarra Mercury, September 9, 2006

FUNNY, STYLISH, AND INCREDIBLY IMAGINATIVE: "The Dogs of Pompeii" is all that and more. Authors Barry Creyton and Vaughan Edwards brilliantly manage to walk that razor thin line between entertaining kids and appealing to adults as well. But apparently it's no high-wire act for these two, and what emerges is a skillfully rendered, magical tale that readers of any age can embrace with all their hearts. This mixture of mystery, art, history, fiction, and anthropomorphic creativity is irresistible. Samuel Bernstein, Screenwriter, Producer, Author, Hollywood, California

ENGAGING AND ACTION-PACKED - the story is humorous and at times, a bit frightening. Charlotte Day (age 12), New York

"The Dogs of Pompeii" is a great novel about a clever stray dog called Nero. FIVE STARS Emily (age 11), Cover2Cover Book Review, South Australia

By Hollywood based authors who know how to write a crackling thriller. Quirky and original. A roller-coaster ride of action adventure with a lot of heart. Mudgee Guardian

"DOGS" IS BETTER THAN "CATS". A delicious read that kept me smiling. A page turner. Ross Skiffington, International illusionist

A DELIGHTFUL, LIGHT-HEARTED "FEEL GOOD" YARN. Leaves you with a silly grin on your face from start to finish. Stuart Wagstaff, TV Star

A TERRIFIC READ. A lovely tale about archaeology, criminal activity and human greed. There has to be a movie! Noeline Brown, TV star

I WAS COMPLETELY ENTHRALLED BY THE ADVENTURES OF THE DOGS OF POMPEII. It's all told in such visual terms, it's wonderful for a reader to be able to SEE the story. Maria Venuti, Australian TV and Cabaret Star